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Qian Ge
PhD Student

Research Interests

Qian is a fourth year PhD student who is working on eliminating timing side channels from seL4 with lightweight countermeasures. Qian is supervised by Prof. Gernot Heiser and Assoc. Prof. Kevin Elphinstone.

Contact Details

Phone: +61 2 9490 5982

More contact information is available at the Contact page.

Photo of Qian Ge

Publication List

We investigate kernel mechanisms for enforcing system security policies. In particular, we investigate kernel mechanisms for eliminating timing side channels that are general and minimal enough to merit inclusion into a general-purpose production version of the kernel (i.e. one not only meant for deployments where timing channels are a concern). I am designing kernel mechanisms in seL4. seL4 is a capability based general-purpose microkernel. The design goal of seL4 is to provide a minimal set of mechanisms for high assurance systems, forming a good platform for system security research. Furthermore, we expect that our contributions will benefit not only seL4 but also other kernels or hypervisors.




Recognition and Awards

Google PhD Fellowship in Systems


Data61 Papers


Abstract to be published Qian Ge, Yuval Yarom, Tom Chothia and Gernot Heiser
Time protection: The missing OS abstraction
Eurosys19, Dresden, Germany, March, 2019


Abstract PDF Qian Ge, Yuval Yarom, Tom Chothia and Gernot Heiser
Time protection: The missing OS abstraction
arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.05345, October, 2018
PDF Qian Ge, Yuval Yarom and Gernot Heiser
No security without time protection: we need a new hardware-software contract
Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems (APSys), Korea, August, 2018
Best Paper Award! Complete timing-channel data for evaluated x86 and Arm platforms.
Abstract PDF Qian Ge, Yuval Yarom, David Cock and Gernot Heiser
A survey of microarchitectural timing attacks and countermeasures on contemporary hardware
Journal of Cryptographic Engineering, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp. 1-27, April, 2018


Abstract PDF Qian Ge, Yuval Yarom, Frank Li and Gernot Heiser
Your processor leaks information — and there's nothing you can do about it
arXiv preprint arXiv:1612.04474, 2017

NICTA Papers


Abstract PDF Fangfei Liu, Qian Ge, Yuval Yarom, Frank Mckeen, Carlos Rozas, Gernot Heiser and Ruby B Lee
CATalyst: defeating last-level cache side channel attacks in cloud computing
IEEE Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture, pp. 406–418, Barcelona, Spain, March, 2016


Abstract PDF Yuval Yarom, Qian Ge, Fangfei Liu, Ruby B. Lee and Gernot Heiser
Mapping the Intel last-level cache
The Cryptology ePrint Archive, September, 2015
Abstract PDF Fangfei Liu, Yuval Yarom, Qian Ge, Gernot Heiser and Ruby B Lee
Last-level cache side-channel attacks are practical
IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, pp. 605–622, San Jose, CA, US, May, 2015


Abstract PDF David Cock, Qian Ge, Toby Murray and Gernot Heiser
The last mile: An empirical study of some timing channels on seL4
ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, pp. 570–581, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, November, 2014

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